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19 weeks pregnant belly

All approximately your first born!

1. Used to be your first being pregnant deliberate? Never

2. Have been you married? Nope


three. What used to be your response to figuring out? Oh shit my mother goes to kill me ( Tina Calabria-Jerrier) and wtf am I going to do

four. Have been you caused? Convinced considering my water basically ruptured

five. How antique have been you? sixteen after i acquired pregnant 17 once i had him

6. Who did you first inform? AshLee CroOker lol she become with me once i took the look at various lol

7. How did you locate out? Ignored my length and my abdominal changed into perpetually feeling bloated

eight. Did it's good to discover the intercourse? Sure

nine. Due Date? June 2, 2014

10. Did you give early or overdue? One week to the day early

eleven. Did you could have morning disorder? No I used to be a kind of fortunate ones

12. What did you crave? McDonalds frech fries and mcflurries

thirteen. What number kilos did you reap out of your being pregnant? fifty three

14. What used to be the intercourse of the child? Boy

15. Did you may have any problems for the period of hard work? A lot

sixteen. In which did you supply beginning? Laconia

17. What number hours had been you in exertions? 23 and 1/2 hours prior to being rushed into the OR for an emergency c-phase 19 weeks pregnant belly

18. How a good deal did your toddler weigh? 7lbs 15oz

19. What did you identify him/her? Mayson Joseph Stewart

20. How ancient is your first born at the present time? 2yrs outdated.

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