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archer drinking game

4 locations I have lived:
1. Kamloops, BC
2. Penticton, BC
three. Bangkok, Thailand
four. Selkirk, MB


4 matters I like to monitor on Television: archer drinking game
1. Video game of Thrones
2. Chopped
three. Masters of Turn
four. Archer

4 puts I've got visited.
1. Mount Rushmore
2. Thailand
three. Edmonton
four. Niagara Falls

4 matters I admire to consume:
1. Soups
2. Falaffel
three. Butter Rooster
four. Marzipan

4 persons I believe will reply???
1. Kailah??
2. Toni??
three. Olivia??
four. Jessica??

Famous drink:
1. Tea
2. Red Grapefruit Soda Pop
three. Chocolate Milk
four. That Vanilla Chai thing from McDicks

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