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Jevinsky Marcelin is a 7-month-outdated child who has a head that may be straight away developing in length. He has a tender mom who loves him a great deal and is doing her most sensible to see after him. End result of the loss of neurosurgery groups and the giant volume of fluid in his mind he does not have a great deal of mind be counted. He wasn't particular through the Haiti Neurosurgery Alliance crew that turned into on the Mirebalais Medical institution in Could. Jevinsky and his mom stay in Mirebalais. Lori West Louis is a missionary who li...ves within the Mirebalais vicinity and he or she has been looking to aid Jevinsky and his mom uncover care. Closing week Jevinsky stopped feeding as a result force on his mind and his eyes have extreme "solar-downing". He's on a feeding tube at Bernard Mevs Health center. The docs used a syringe and needle to withdraw fluid in the course of the open fontanel and into the mind. He's extra reliable. I'm not bound if the neurosurgeon this is coming to Bernard Mevs Health center on July sixteenth will prefer Jevinsky for a surgical operation however please preserve Jevinsky and his mom in prayer. If simply there has been a neurosurgeon which can have completed a surgical treatment after he changed into born Jevinsky may need had an easier analysis. Jevinsky jogs my memory of my followed nephew John who had a baby head circumference head circumference of eighty three cm at 6-months of age and who lived to be 18-years-ancient after a medical professional in Canada agreed to produce a surgical treatment for him. Here's the placement recently for your entire hydrocephalus young people in Haiti. The day before today I observed a mom depart the gates of Bernard Mevs Health facility with a child with an outsized head circumference. The ready time among neurosurgery workforce visits is getting longer and kids are anguish and demise. Please pray that neurosurgeons come to Haiti to accomplish surgical procedures. The kids are not able to wait.

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