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braxton hicks at 20 weeks

ALL Approximately YOUR FIRST BORN!!! 😍😍👶🍼
1. Was once your first being pregnant deliberate? Sure
2. Have been you married? No
three. What was once your response to learning? Chuffed and Scared
four. Have been you triggered? Convinced at 38 weeks...
five. How vintage have been you? sixteen
6. Who did you've gotten within the room. My mother and Caden's dad
7.How did you discover out? Examine
eight. Did you would like to discover the intercourse? Certain learned it changed into a boy at sixteen braxton hicks at 20 weeks weeks alongside.
nine. Due Date? January twenty first, 2012
10. Did you supply early or past due? Early by way of two weeks January twelfth
eleven. Did you might have morning illness? No had a great number of migranes
12. What did you crave? Pickles and sizzling cheetos
thirteen. What number of kilos did you achieve out of your being pregnant? Like forty kilos
14. What used to be the intercourse of the child? Boy
15. Did you have got any complicarions all the way through exertions? Convinced and no loads of Braxton hicks
sixteen. Wherein did you deliver delivery? Lutheran
17. What number hours have been you in exertions? Awhile undecided at the hours
18. How so much did your boy or girl weigh? 6lbs 9oz
19. What did you identify him/her? Caden Christopher Lautzenheiser
20.How vintage is your first born at the moment? four 0.5

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