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Each person SING LTD - Song University IN Historical The city

A thing FOR Every age FROM Children TO ADULTS.

DO You adore Making a song, MUSICAL THEATRE, DANCING, Appearing, Acting, ARTS & CRAFTS, Enjoyable & Video games ..... good all of this is often on be offering over the Summer time Vacations at Every body Sing in Outdated The city, Swindon Facts as follows:- crafting games...
Early Summer season Workshops are actually absolutely booked yet will take names for any cancellations.

Possible Workshop dates:

twenty fourth, twenty fifth and twenty sixth August
A long time four yrs to twelve yrs
Making a song, DANCING, Acting, ARTS & CRAFTS, A whole bunch A laugh

nine.30 am to three.30 pm day-by-day
Simply £17.50 in keeping with day
In order for you from now on important points please e mail the administrative center: kingdom
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