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Pam Ayres :: Poems :: They need to Have Requested My Husband
You understand this global is perplexing, imperfect and oppressed
And it’s no longer tough to suppose timid, frightened and depressed.
Plainly throughout us tides of questions ebb and float
And other people favor recommendations yet they don’t recognise wherein to move.


Critiques abound however who's fallacious and who's perfect.
Workers want a prophet, a diffuser of the sunshine.
A person they are able to flip to because the crises rage and swirl.
A person with the cure, the information, and the pearl.

Effectively . . . they need to have requested my ‘usband, he’d have told’em then and there. depressing poems
His innovations on immigration, teenage moms, Tony Blair,
The way forward for the monarchy, apartment costs inside the south
The look forward to hip replacements, BSE and foot and mouth.

Sure . . . they need to have requested my husband he can deal with any mess
He can rejuvenate the railways he can remedy the NHS
So any little niggle, something you would like to understand
Simply run it prior my husband, wind him up and allow him pass.

Congestion at the motorways, loose vacations for thugs
The wear and tear to the ozone layer, refugees and medication.
Those can also defeat the mind of any baby-kisser bloke
However latest it to my husband and he’ll clear up it at a stroke.

He’ll explain the placement; he's going to make it crystal clean
You’ll suppose the glazing of your eyeballs, and the bending of your ear.
Corruption on the correct, he’s an expert on that
And the Mafia, Gadafia and Yasser Arafat.

Upon those parts he brings his mind to polish
In an exceptional compelling voice that’s two times as loud as yours or mine.
I mostly marvel what it ought to be wish to be so robust,
Infallible, articulate, self-self-assured …… and flawed.

On the subject of tolerance – he hasn’t obtained plenty
Joyriders may be guillotined and muggers could be shot.
The sound of his possess voice turns into like track to his ears
And he hasn’t were given an inkling that he’s uninteresting us to tears.

My mates don’t name so in most cases, they've got busy lives I do know
Yet its no longer regular it's essential to listen a windbag suck and blow.
Encyclopaedias, on them we by no means have got to name
Why litter up the bookshelf whilst my husband understands all of it!

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