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half shaved hairstyles

Pinnacle five gaps among Brunei's wealthy and terrible:
1. The wealthy drives a ferrari or porsche even though the homemaker babu/mother drives a tiny most economical geely panda from China
2. The excessive-revenue officer eats at a buffet costing upwards of $25 even as the fellow arranging units at a grocery store can pay $1 for a packet of nasi katok/ rice+fried chook wing+sambal belacan+peanuts+fried tiny anchovies
three. The wealthy wealthy person or elite builds 1000000-buck mansion at the same time the landless domestic applies for... a tiny dwelling at perpindahan/nationwide housing scheme
four. The pensioner nonetheless earns 1/2 of his wage monthly at retirement whereas the retiree with Faucet mark downs simplest is bankrupt in 1 to two years and begs cash from his son until age 60 whilst he qualifies for $250 antique parents allowance
five. The modern prosperous receives any coiffure he fancy for any place among lots of or even hundreds of bucks even as the negative child who has to awaken and prepare as quick as viable or omit the college bus has to content material with only a reasonable $four staff minimize hair, a few quick upright hairs on the best and half shaved hairstyles shaved across the aspects

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