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hate poems

A really pricey pal of mine wrote this poem whilst she became in an exceedingly darkish situation. She was once there for me after i shared that darkish area.

By myself in her head she feels much remorse.The anguish is familiar with no give up
The guilt is over whelming.
Revenge is formost in her thoughts....
Yet her God walks along with her and she or he is secure.
Until eventually the soreness will become too proper and the satan is ready able to lead her to a route of self destruction. hate poems
As each and every days passes her God leads her in a secure direction, however the satan is ready
Able to take her returned to that poor position wherein revenge is good.
How I lengthy to carry her in my hands, to take that anguish and proportion.
Her limitless anguish is aware of no cease. Hated. Malice and revenge understands no give up.
The disappointment is deep inner her soul.
However her God is there and he's going to lead her out from this darkish vicinity and he or she will be aware of peace.

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