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letter to sister

A mathematician wrote a love letter to a
scientist female;
Pricey love,
Correct frm d day i set my eye on you,i knew there
is an EQUATION among this QUADRATIC...
appeal.I could not tel u bcox i used to be fearful of d
Department with a view to DIVIDE my love for u.My coronary heart
couldnt disregard d SIMULTANEOUS EQUATION
among us.i attempted to GRAPH out the way to current
my TRIGONOMETRY,Yet undecided of d
Risk dat u will be given.Now,i've got the
Revolutionary Sequence to inform you.please make
definite this PERMUTATION and Mixture is
among us is mystery bcox i dont need any
Regular AS four Determine Desk.
the scientist gal answer;
sincerly,math boy,i dnt av any CHEMICAL
Aggregate for u.All i've got for u changed into love of
Excellent Regulation.I knw u can see d distinctions
among CHARLES and BOYLES Legislation.My
boyfriend is ROBERT HOOKE,who's defined as
the daddy of Cellular telephone,by which u can't reside
with no.u aren't a factor in my PERIODIC
Desk,and when you are there u has to be between d
TRANSISTION METALS,bcox i dont observe them
between my FIRST 20 Portion.I have already got an
can neither be created nor break as observed with the aid of
1st Legislation OF THERMODYNAMIC.Am sorry,dat ur
CHEMICAL EQUATION is nt balanced.Prevent makin
ur middle manufacture d love for me,bcox HATING
YOU Is continuing AS O2(OXYGEN)

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The velocity at which a few younger married women sleep round as of late, one is compelled to wonder whether their very own mom took time to inform them what “marriage” is and… letter to sister



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