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manure spreader

*FIFTY 12 months Previous manure spreader* $1.00 ( WASHINGTON, DC ) Unsure of brand name. Spoke of to had been produced in Kenya. Used for many years in Indonesia until now being smuggled into the usa thru Hawaii. Of questionable pedigree. Doesn't seem to have ever been labored difficult. Seemingly, it used to be pampered via a large number of proprietors through the years. It does not paintings quite often, but if it does it may sling shit for fantastic distances. I truly do not want it placing round entering into the way in which. I might want a international patron to relocate the manure spreader in another country. I'd be inclined to business it for a well framed reproduction of the us Structure.
Vicinity: At the moment being saved in a large white area on Pennsylvania Street in Washington, D.C.




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