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metaphor poems

Dermis is the poem of our existence

Each and every scar, stretch mark or vivid vein a stanza

Metaphors and similes that trace on the puzzle that's us


There is the reminiscences we naked with it proudly

Of the time we have been the hero

Shins dented working unfastened

There are the stories we would fairly omit

That which has been taken from us

Scars human beings name us courageous to percentage

This dermis starts like a clean web page and even though we would possibly fill it with phrases it isn't normally our resolution what the traces will say metaphor poems

We will determine if the traces are furrowed or vast

A deep set frown or a able to move smile

A few paintings tirelessly to cover the story that their epidermis tells

Whilst that's to be celebrated

Even the indications of loss or victimization are badges of what we overcame to make it the following

Love your dermis as it is your tale

Your poem

Hint the traces, decipher the stanzas and depend the you that lived in that dermis in the event you earned them

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