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mothers day poems from son

A POEM An afternoon Collection -12

MATER AMORIS ???? ??? ??? ????? ?? ???? ?? ??? ???? ????? ?? ?????? "???? ? ???" ??? ???? ??? mothers day poems from son

Pangs of kid delivery had been sharp...
Acute have been twinges that got here one after an extra
Curling, twisting, writhing in suffering
Her physique contorted
She obtained her dozen off-springs out.

The little, trojan horse-like toddler serpents,
Rippling and rolling, slipped faraway from her mouth
Whilst she attempted to capture and swallow them after their delivery.
Undulating they slithered into the grass and have been kept.

The accursed snake beguiling Eve
Was once it a male or a feminine? Who is aware?
Doubtless a male he become, however adult males rarely
Understand the secrets and techniques of being pregnant and beginning.
Eve was once taught via her snake instructor
Not just the joyous intricacies of intercourse
But additionally the both chuffed pangs of start.

The Eve of lore
Not only the intercourse spouse of Adam
However Eve, the mum had learnt her lesson faithfully
And but she spared her two off-springs
Gobbled them now not (God is aware of, why?)

Turned into mater amorist’s love that kept them?
Why didn’t she act like today’s snake mother?
We don’t recognize yet what’s going down is
Her overlooked danger (no longer devouring her two sons)
Has made each Cane kill each Abel
(Vice versa, too?)

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