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newborn spitting up breast milk

Suggestion please. Repost.
Whats up. Considering whenever you ought to resolution whatever for me. I had very low milk source with my infant and he or she's had a terrible latch from the start in addition a whole lot gasoline. She's been on donor breast milk for per week, doing superbly except the fuel (she should be burped 10-20 min after feeding, recurrently cries while freeing fuel, will get hiccups after each feeding). The day past, approximately five-10 min after feeding she spit up what looked to be the entire donor milk I had given her, and proceeded to cross fuel. She did it returned in the course of the evening. Is that this whatever to be apprehensive approximately? I did not suppose breastfeed children newborn spitting up breast milk spit up and definitely no longer lots. What do I do after this occurs? If she seems like she's attempting to latch do I feed her? Thanks earlier




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