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Fantastic afternoon! I would like slightly assistance please with all people who has used Gordon's pasture pro herbicide on their horse pastures. We're spraying our pasture, with wormwood simply as normally uncontrolled, with this product. We've got researched it appropriately on line and talked with the excellent individuals who paintings at North forty. Consistent with what it states on line in regards to the product, as soon as it dries that you could allow your horses again at the pasture to graze. We've our two geldings locked up within the s...maller barn part, yet have any of YOU or somebody you recognize used this and the way lengthy did you retain your horses locked up beforehand permitting them to again out??????? I truly could delight in each person's enter and knowledge in this. The lads usually are not pleased approximately being constrained in a smaller pasture yet we're hesitant to allow them to out for no less than 24 hours.......Back any enter please will be so favored!!!

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