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pearl steven universe cosplay

Kinda random, yet I looked at equally the Steven Universe and Danganronpa [specifically Set off Satisfied Havoc] fandoms lower back [those two issues are...enormously remote from each other, huh?]. I have desperate that two cosplay lifestyles dreams for absolute distinctive sooner or later are:
1. Peridot from SU. I suggest, clearly, little irritated slice of efficient pie? Is what could be taken into consideration a tsundere-sort man or woman? Does in general deeply care approximately the ones she's grown just about and in reality makes an attempt to de...velop a bond with individual she deems valuable of her time? A SHIPPER FROM HELL WHO EXAMINES AND Is aware All of the LITTLE Particulars AFTER Numerous VIEWINGS And private EXAMINATIONS OF Spoke of Deliver? ...Yeah, I suspect I have her lined. Nonetheless excited that it's her hair, in order that one suggestion I had remains attainable. Oh, and partnering up with a Lapis, pearl steven universe cosplay Pearl, or Garnet? Sure, please.
2. Rounding up two greater mates and cosplaying both Chihiro or Taka from DR1, some other person surely being the opposite, and the 3rd being Mondo. Chishimondo hurts my shipper's center so suitable. Agh. Deliver me comfortable feels, deliver me heartwrenching feels. Simply...deliver me The complete feels for this OT3.

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