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poems about life

Now is probably not time, now not for you but
Simply carry on, existence during this international is like that
Do not lose your desire, happiness will come to you
Feel that there'll be day after today stuffed with pleasure


Failure is rarely a concern, so don't get away
Do not end, even if you are wasting
Be reliable it is best to stand and battle

All you want is capability and the need to move on
Even throughout the toughest of occasions
And it cannot be lengthy, the sunshine
Quickly you'll find to come back
Lifestyles cannot continually be approximately bitterness and suffering
That you may understand and succeed in to your goals
One could simply ought to wait.

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This web page compiles quite a few poems in types, loose verse, haiku and in prose from love, unhappiness, loss, darkish to… poems about life



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