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questions to ask when buying a business

"Trump, like many a company adult, judges an economic system as he judges his trade: he asks ‘By how tons are our manufacturing and income increasing relative to our purchases?’ This query is the incorrect one to invite approximately an financial system, whose functionality might be judged purely with the aid of how plenty accepted people’s capability to devour improves over the years (other than with the aid of how an awful lot the economy’s revenues develop relative to its purchases). So while Trump sees Individuals purchase imports, he sees cash circulation out o...f what he mistakenly imagines to be The united states, Inc. Contemplating the yank economic system as being one gargantuan trade, Trump mistakenly sees imports as fees that drain this ‘business’ of tools instead of as items and features made available for the reason that financial system is correctly satisfying its best reason – particularly, to enhance people’s lifestyle by way of giving them ever-larger entry to items and products and services for intake.

….. Had been the yank financial system particularly run because the common sense of folks together with Trump means that it will be run, all American citizens may impoverish themselves as they improve non-People with the entire items and products and services that we export to them – exports for which we refuse to just accept any imports in substitute. Our earnings – measured as our “trade surplus” – will be great; we’d have lots of cash. Our health and wellbeing could be minimum; we’d have practically no items and services and products for our intake." questions to ask when buying a business

- Donald J. Boudreaux
Professor of Economics and Martha and Nelson Getchell Chair for the Examine of Loose Industry Capitalism on the Mercatus Core,
George Mason School

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