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red alert FROM UGANDA: ALLAN KITOSA SAAVA became arrested- he changed into accused of dealing Gen Sejusa and his courting with me Nkoyoyo Jude..I do know Allan Kitonsa Saava he's a liberation fighter like me- I cannot Conceal On the grounds that SFC ARE Making plans TO ARREST ME Once more- They've Completed IT------AS A countrywide CHAIRPERSON OF UGANDA Children UgandaYouth Platform Uyp (had been Gen Sejusa is a Customer & founder), OUR Remedy Could be very Transparent- UGANDA Ought to be LIBERATED FROM DICTATORSHIP- in the event that they are requesting Nkoyoyo Jude Am right here i cannot disguise..I stay Nkoyoyo Jude _ Nationwide Chairperson Uganda Teens Platform




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