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A POEM Only for YOU POPPY!!!

I do know we're all feeling a bit unhappy,
That we have now misplaced our Grandpa, our chum and our dad
At the same time we've cried an ocean of tears...
As we suppose so empty and grasp many fears

Yet Grandpa would need us to understand he is in a superb area
And that he gazing us all with a grin on his face
As we've got made him so proud, as proud as may be
That he has raised any such pretty and distinct domestic

Considering lower back now I actually ought to say
I believe fortunate and privileged to have commonplace Grandpa to today
For in my lifestyles, you will have performed a distinct edge
The reminiscences I will be able to treasure and stay on the brink of your middle sad poems

For me, I'm joyful my little infants he were given to fulfill
And for anyone, be thankful, his existence is now finished
To every certainly one of us he has beloved and cared
And a loved ones, be glad about the coolest instances we shared

Despite the fact he has long gone, we are able to all the time be collectively
And his spirit will live to tell the tale in each people without end
In the event you appearance to the sky, seek for the brightest megastar
As as a way to be Grandpa taking a look down on us from afar

And now I want to thank the nice Lord above
For blessing us with our Grandpa, along with his kindness and love
Pricey God, whether it is no longer an excessive amount of fuss
Take exceptional care of our Grandpa, for he's very expensive to us

Grandpa, in case you are listening, say a prayer for us each day
Ensure that you do preserve us and guideline us on our manner
We all know while God generally known as you, you needed to move
However we need you to understand Grandpa we pass over you and love you so

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