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Very well..I've Questions..
I on no account did study or whatever after i begun stretching..I used to be clueless..and It really is hurting now..
1. I've been stretching my ears for nine months.. And all I have used had been tapers.. However everytime I sized up it damage.. Why?
2. While cleansing ears.. I best used rubbing alcohol or peroxide.. Dries it out undesirable. What do I exploit??
three. I heard to depart your ears empty mostly to get air.. And so I did for one nighttime and it closed to come back up, I used to be at a 2g in a single ear a sick tattoos...nd it went your complete as far back as a 12g.. Must delivery all over the place.. What did I do unsuitable??
four. What are the correct matters to stretch with...on account that I heard tapers (above all acrylic (that's all I have used) is undesirable)??

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