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Approximately candy and bitter dating, a good looking poem by way of Dr Ratan Bhattacharjee

Silent Salt- Estranged Islands

In the future you advised me I used to be an awesome talker...
You listened and adored to pay attention my notice
In my fancy flight
My soul chirped like a winged chicken

Someday you desired to make me complete
I on no account sought after a moon or sky
Purely taking note of you used to be to take into accounta good joy
Now silence, sorrows and a deep sigh.

Someday you liked to inform of affection
We dreamt at the same time such a lot of an afternoon and night time sweet poems
That point the firmament changed into starry
Lifestyles was once a luminous circle ever shiny

In the future my jealous expectancies make you smile
Your inspiring discuss and the auto drove mile after mile
All at once you felt all thoughts false and long gone
We wounded ourselves so deep we experience now on my own

The solar at its zenith we rushed for every different
Who heard us , who noticed us we failed to trouble
Can goals of affection in truth die
Can the rain be hidden by using the cloudy sky ?

However we now conceal our pains with taut silk of silence
Inside the sea of grief, we glance like salt-estranged islands

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