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Magnificence. ?

*A Lazy Poem*

Attractiveness is bliss,...
Wonderful thing about birds,
Fantastic thing about babes,
Fantastic thing about little ones,
Fantastic thing about seashores,
Wonderful thing about butterflies,
Great thing about butternuts,
Wonderful thing about blue-birds,


Tender good looks,
Candy good looks,
Special good looks,
Smooth good looks,
Smile like good looks,
Shine like good looks,
Stars of that good looks,


Fantastic thing about beautifuls,
Magnificence won't be able to burn, sweet poems
Attractiveness can't be buried,
Splendor can not be blamed,
Great thing about beauties,
Beauties of good looks,

Desirable magnificence.

Adorable good looks,
Amazing good looks,
Amusing good looks,
Air-fresh good looks,

The Beautiful Magnificence.

?#?Drencho?.POET. ?

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